Why PlugTalent.com become Marketic.io

Why PlugTalent.com become Marketic.io

We are very excited to announce about PlugTalent.com becoming Marketic.io. Since launch (Nov-2017), we have been working extremely hard to help SMBs to fix their Marketing Automation thing.

Based on deep experiences, we launched our own product in March 2018, and since then we have grown very fast.

We named Plugtalent because we want to sound like “hey add the talented Marketing Automation team on the plug and play basis”. It was a pure service business. We worked with many customers (primarily SMBs) and got hidden insights.

We learned that SMBs need the “right product” + “fully assisted services” to successfully implement Marketing Automation for their business.

So we build our the product. We re-positioned ourselves. Now we are no more a “service company”. Now we are a hard-core “product company”.

We choose the name “Marketic.io” simply to sound like a Marketing Automation product company. It was tough to get the right name and domain, but we managed to get the right name with .io domain extension.

With the new name, we are full of new energy and even more excited to serve SMBs across the world.

Did you like our change?
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Bhishm Singh,
Marketic.io (Powerful Marketing Automation Software for SMBs / Agencies)