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1. Prospects Identification

( Visitor Tracking )

1.1. Dashboard:
1.2 Configure Tracking Code:
From Setting → Configuration → Tracking Setting

2. Funnel Creation : Convert Visitors into Leads

( Downloadable assets, Web forms, Landing pages, Pop-ups, Social monitoring )

2.1 Create Assets
Go to Components Section ---> Assets
Upload pdf, ebook other resources.
2.2 Web Forms:
Choose form type Standalone / Campaign form
( Campaign form is only require if you are looking to trigger a campaign from the web form )
2.2.1 Fill basic form Details
2.2.2 Choose field Types:
2.2.3 Define Form Submission Actions
2.3 Landing pages:
2.3.1 Create now landing page
2.3.2 Choose a template and fill basic details.
2.3.3 Go to the builder option, Design your Landing page using Drag-n-Drop editor.
2.4 Pop-Up Form :
2.4.1. Go to Channel → Focus Items → Create new
2.4.2. Fill basic details.
2.4.3 Go to Builder Section, choose from multiple options like pop-up behaviour, style, color & Content
all-in-one marketing automation software
2.4.4 Once a pop-up form is created, Insert equivalent Source code into the website.
2.5 Create Email Newsletter
Go to the Section: Channel -> Emails:
2.5.1 Create New
2.5.2 Choose Email Template Type
Template Emails : For General Purpose Emailer
Segment Email : Part of Specific Segment
all-in-one marketing automation software
2.5.3 Chose a template. Fill template description and subject line
2.5.4 User Builder to design the mailer.
Save and exit.
all-in-one marketing automation software
2.6 Social Monitoring:
2.6.1 Go to the Section: Channel -> Social Monitoring , Create new.
2.6.2 Set , Hashtag name, and the twitter handler to be tracked.

3. Funnel Nurturing Automation : Convert Leads into Customer

( Segments, Broadcast email campaign, Lead scoring, Progressive Profiling/Stages, Automated campaigns )

3.1 Segments :

In Marketic system, (Dynamic) lists are defined as a segment. If lists are already available with you, it is advised to import them with specific tags so that later you can segment them.

3.1.1 Go to the Segment Section:
3.1.2 Create new Segment, fill Segment/ List name. From filter tab, collect your list Id’s based on tags, date added or other conditions.
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Now your segment is ready to be used inside Campaign / Email Campaigns

3.2 Create Broadcast Email Campaigns:
3.2.1 Go to the Section Channels ---> Emails , Selectnew Email Type “New Segment Email “
3.2.2 Write Subject line, Campaign name and select segment ( list ) from drop down menu.You can also set UTM tags here.
3.2.3 Select an email template or code/simple mode and go to the builder section. Design your mailer here.
all-in-one marketing automation software
3.2.4 Now save and close the Segment Email. Now you can see the send option, click on that.
3.2.5 It will ask you to put the number of emails to be sent out per batch. Put a number you want to send. And send out the mailer.
3.3 Lead Scoring :
This is the area from where you can manage Contact scoring based on visitors/ Subscribers activity.
3.3.1 Manage Actions : Define scoring rules based on Visitors/ Subscribers activity.
3.3.2 Point Triggers: Here you can set automation trigger based on Profile Score. Go to Point Trigger Option : Add New Fill the name/description, set the score that will trigger the events. Defined the triggered events.
3.4 Stages / Progressive Profiling :
3.4.1 Go to Stage section and create new stage
Put their equivalent weight ( As stage,3.4.2 Define contact as per your convenience ) .
3.5 Automated Campaigns:
Campaigns are central to creating an automated workflow to assist with your marketing efforts.
3.5.1 . Go to Campaigns Section, Create new
3.5.2 . Put the campaign name as per your requirement and add their description.
3.5.3 Go to Campaign Builder Section, choose a “contact source” to trigger the campaign.
3.5.4 Now you can see three options from the Trigger Point:

Decision : A decision is made when a contact decides to take action or not (e.g. opened an email).

Action: An action is something executed by Mautic (e.g. send an email).

Condition: A condition is based on known profile field values or submitted form data.

4. Reporting, Attribution & Analytics

You can access reports from Report Section.
4.1 Report: You can see visitor metrics and web pages engagement report here.
4.2 Report : Submissions of published Forms
4.3 Report : Leads and Points:
4.4 Report: Assets download report.
4.5 Report: All Emails:
convert web visitors into customers