All-in-One Marketing Automation Software
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All-in-One Marketing Automation Software
Key features
1. Prospects Identification
Capture anonymous and known visitors traffic at a contact level to see where your audience is coming from; When they convert to a known contact and how are they engaging with you.
Website Visitors Tracking
Turn your website into your most valuable asset by using website tracking to get to know your visitors better.
Audience Engagement
Capture anonymous and known visitor traffic at a contact level to see where your audience is coming from, when they convert to a known contact and how they are engaging with you.
2. Converts Visitors into Leads

( Funnel Creation )

Capture visitors through web forms/landing pages. Dynamic Content triggered by page visits and behavior help better personalization with your web visitors.
Landing Pages
Easily customize individual landing pages for each initiative with tailored content and style optimized for your target audience.
allows you to engage users on your site through bars, modals, notifications and full page takeovers. These can be initiated at different times and with different actions such as exit intent.
Web Forms
Invite your audience to tell you about themselves by adding web forms to your website and landing pages.
Dynamic Content
Dynamically present relevant content on your website to your audience when they’re actively engaged.
3. Nurture Leads through Automation to become Customers

( Funnel Automation )

So now you have a lead, nurture them automatically. Start email campaign series, score your leads when they visit your site multiple times, automatically profile and segment your leads, start multi-channel campaigns (email,sms, web notification).
Email Marketing
Email marketing is still core to the digital marketer’s toolset, but with higher standards for content relevance and mobile readiness.
Progressive Profiling
Learn a little more about your contacts each time they visit your site
and fill out a form.
Audience Segmentation
Easily organize your contacts into segments and automate communication streams that align with your marketing strategy.
Automated Campaign
Automated campaigns give you the power to create a personalized experience for your prospects and customers at scale.
Lead Scoring
Implement scoring and guide your audience to the most useful information within each of the different buying cycle stages.
Reporting & Attribution
Turn your knowledge into power with simple but powerful reporting and attribution tools.
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