Hire Talented and Verified Freelance Marketers at $2/hr

We hand-pick the best Freelancer for all your marketing tasks. We also assign a 'Supervisor' who ensure quality work is delivered.

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Getting Started

(How Does It Work)

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    Buy a Freelancer Plan

    Choose from our standardized and packaged freelancing plans. See pricing.

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    Online Meeting with our Domain Expert

    Our domain expert will work with you to understand your goals and freelancer requirements.

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    We hand-pick the best Freelancer for Your work

    Within days, we'll introduce you to the right talent for your project. You also get a Supervisor (at no additional cost) who ensures that the quality work is delivered.

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    Your Payment is safe

    Payment is released to Freelancer when you approve the work. So your payment is 100% safe.

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